All posts for the month March, 2010

Spring Flower Tiles

Spring is here! I saw some cool retro stamping paper that inspired me to make these wallpaper tiles. I hope you like them too

Sketch Filagree Tiles

Looks as if you drew it… Playing in Illustrator again, this time turning my pen tool lines into charcoal brushstrokes (Brush > Charcoal 1). It created a pretty cool effect.

Bold Social Media Icon Set

Better & Bolder. Finished a second set of Viral Marketing Social Media Icons. Please share with friends Please use only for personal implementation

UWSP AITP Student Presentation

My friend Brett Widmann is going to present on Social Media and SEO. I got to make him some fun posters to put around campus.

Bubble Tiles

Repeat Repeat! Working in Illustrator today I felt inspired to make some more tiles. I decided to use what I work with best: CIRCLES! Well, more specifically a circle offset in a circle…

Viral Marketing Campaign – Social Media Icons

I created a set of Social Media Icons that use some of the vector cartoon characters that I work with (and tend to draw all over my folders and notebooks). I have made them available to you for free Please use only for personal implementation Check it out – My friend Cameron provided me with [...]