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Argyle Tiles

Not just for sweatervests! I had too much fun with these. I also made them smaller than most would. And I had to show some Harry Potter love by also making these: Slytherin         Hufflepuff      Ravenclaw     Gryffindore

Please Color With Me

What makes me, me. I love quotes, and have always dreamed of having one that I can always be remembered by. To explain how I came to my profound quote, I think I have to tell you some background on how I came to my findings. I have the best 8 friends from Madison that [...]

Print-Friendly Stylesheets

Mother is always right. My mom sent me this email today: Amy, I am not sure if printing from websites is an area that you get involved in, but I would like to tell you what is the absolute worst, in my opinion.  EVEN the ********* website is set up like this and it sure bugs the [...]

Circle Tiles

Peate meets repeat. I have been working on some more tiles, circle inspired this time.

Light Brushes

Oooh pretty! I discovered these awesome Photoshop Brushes at Colorburned over the summer. I got inspired recently and pushed what I wanted to do with them. First I created some spacey pieces like this: Second I saw a really cool Imogen Heap album cover and wanted to play with the idea of holding light:


Repeat, Repeat! I was messing around today in Adobe Illustrator and I made up some tiles for backgrounds. Enjoy! It’s fun to be bored sometimes…

Healthy Living Entry

Voila! Here is my entry for the Graphic exposure contest. Blurb: I took Web & Digital Media Development Internship 397 with Professor Ellertson. I worked at Lands’ End as an intern in the Employee Communications Department. My main project was creating a new website for their on-campus Comer Center Athletic Facility. They were at the [...]